Arkansas Strategy for VictoryEdit

In order to get Arkansans to support Ron Paul for President, we need to establish an educational program to teach Arkansans about the Principles of Americanism which Ron Paul has steadfastly supported during his entire political career. Ron Paul's single voice of reason has grown into a huge chorus supported by the voices of thousands of American Patriots who are now rising and standing up everywhere in the name of Freedom.

We should begin the Revolution by establishing a State Correspondence Committee in the capitol city of Little Rock. The committee should work to create educational committees at every college and university in the State made up of young people concerned about their future. Then we should create educational committees in every County seat made up of workers and small business owners. The object of these educational committees is to teach and educate Arkansas voters everywhere about the Jeffersonian principles of Americanism and the Socialist intrigue which threatens these principles and our Constitution which preserves our freedom. All of these committees could be inexpensively united through a Facebook account. We could use Facebook to create a Friends of Ron Paul network and spread the message of preserving Liberty by preserving the Constitution, balancing the budget and ending the FED.

I am an American Patriot, retired from the legal field, and ready to march with Ron Paul. I want to be on the front lines of the Revolution. All Arkansans who want to join with me are invited to place their name and e-mail address here below mine.

Dugan King

Craig Cecil

John Bryan

This page will contain the detailed and achievable strategy for a GOP victory in Arkansas.

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