If you have experience in coalition building please let us know what to do to help bring a united front of Ron Paul supporters into the new year...

Homeschoolers Edit

I'm still learning about coalition building myself, but I've received permission from the campaign office to start the Homeschoolers for Ron Paul Coalition. Eventually, there will be a page off of the campaign site, but for now, interested parties can got to either- Update- We now have an official page- or Shana Kluck

Gun Clubs Edit

Reaching our Gun Owners. (Over 80 million+ strong and active. With over 4 million dues paying members in the NRA and over 300,000 dues paying members in the GOA, our gun owners are one of our greatest assets in our support for President Ron Paul - the only candidate who is 100% dead-on on the gun rights issue).

Gun Owners of America on Dr. Ron Paul

Gun Owners for Ron Paul

Right to Life Edit

Taxpayers Edit

Debt and Taxes

National Taxpayer's Union Best Friend

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