Murray County, GeorgiaEdit

GOP Organizations in Murray CountyEdit

Murray County Roll CallEdit

List of dedicated Ron Paul supporters in Murray County, Georgia. Please feel free to add yourself.

Conrad Harlan Easley Jr., 63 Hardy St., strong supporter of Dr. Ron Paul's economic positions. He is the only true conservative in the race and he is strong pro life. What I mean by true conservative. The simply answer is Limited Government. We do not need the Department of Education for an example. He has been indicted by some as a bigot. What complete nonsense. As a libertarian he doesn't identify people as groups. A true Libertarian identifies the person as an individual, not color of skin, religious affiliation, or socioeconomic class. Plus he is a Doctor of Medicine, and if anybody knows anything about DNA, then they would understand that those who do try to group people by color or class are the real hypocrites. He wants to let young people opt out of SS, while paying the SS to individuals who it has been guaranteed too. He wants interest rates to be determined by the market not the central planned Federal Reserve. History is clear, centrally planned economies and fiat money have never succeeded over the long run. I personally support a strong military and my beliefs differ somewhat from Dr. Ron Paul, as do other libertarians. In fact I believe a strong military is one of the few things the Federal Government should provide. I also believe in Medicare for the elderly, I'm not sure his view on this. -- 15:30, 12 January 2008 (UTC) Address: 63 Hardy St., Chatsworth GA 30705, phone #706-218-1780.-- 04:18, 4 January 2008 (UTC)

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