If you know how to get the ball rolling with local event participation please feel free to share your insights here.

Outreach BoothEdit

Fairs, festivals and old home days are great places to do outreach. You can find these in your county or state on the web on the various community calendars that are usually posted for towns and counties.

Simply call the event organizers and ask first if there is a GOP booth planned that you can join (this is the easiest) and if not, what is needed to set up a presidential candidate booth of your own.

Once you bring your tent, table and literature and signs, man the booth with well spoken people who can sell the idea of Ron Paul to the public.

You can do a simple booth with literature or a fancier one with videos running and balloons to give away stamped with the Ron Paul official website on them.

Always make sure to follow the rules of the event and clean up afterward.

If there are two of you, one person can stand out front with lapel stickers and ask people if they would like a Ron Paul sticker. Supporters will say yes, others may say "who is Ron Paul?", then direct them to the table.

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